Out To Doctors, Family & Friends

Coming out as Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or Bisexual is a process most of us have gone through, in our own way. If we were lucky, we had a decent experience with most, a loving experience with those we care about and a ok experience with the rest of the world. For some of us, coming out was easy, for others, it was the most difficult and scariest thing ever. And, some of us are still in the closet or reluctant to talk.
Cancer revisits all of that. We’re now faced with a life where we are both out as part of the Rainbow, and out as a person diagnosed with cancer. Will we ever have to stop explaining to the world who we are?
Please read through the articles on being out to Doctors, family and Friends…we’re sure the read will be helpful. Also, be sure to read through some of the stories that members of our LGBT cancer survivor community have created, under the menu, “our cancer stories.”